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  Geographical Positioning System (GPS) to help our customer in the agriculture and agro-industrial sector, this service is done through physical identification of land at the plot level, and integrating the results to customer dynamic database, the main purpose of using such service to help producers and exporters of food product in tracing produce to its original plot of land. Using GPS in the agriculture sector helped exporters in gaining the trust of the international market

Business Application in Agriculture, Manufacturing and Tread application are supported by our consultants for implementation, users training, technical support, process reengineering and work flow design

Network & Communication to helping our clients in selecting the hardware and infrastructure needed for their operation

Vision Services drives an increased return on investment for our customers' new or existing work environment, by providing simplified services packages that address business critical Integration, Maintenance, Managed Services, Optimization, and Security needs. With a full lifecycle of services to Design, Deploy, Support and Evolve multi-vendor, multi-technology networks, Vision provides best in class services on a world-wide basis

Vision helps its clients introduce changes that take care of strategic concerns in tactical timescales. When we promise new programs, systems, and changes,
usually economic benefits begin to flow in less than six months and investments are returned within 12 to 18 months.