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  Founded in 2006, Vision for information technology is set out to be different in how we would collaborate with our clients to achieve significant results, in how we would deploy our expertise and in how we would respond to problems in the broader community in which we operate.

Who are we? We're innovators, technologists, business consultant and project managers who work with our clients to produce big results in their businesses. But we're also original thinkers and entrepreneurs who create new business models in partnership with our clients.

Delivering Results
Our goal is to make substantial improvements in our clients' businesses, which can be measured by their bottom line. How? By approaching the challenges our clients face from the perspective of their customers, by integrating new processes, systems and technology around the coordination of people and their work and, finally, by ensuring that there are lasting benefits through the transfer of new skills to our clients.

We are so confident about what we can deliver that we are prepared to link our fees to the agreed success criteria and specifically the value we produce. Working from modest beginnings in Egypt, Vision is now global and has worked for clients such as UNIDO, ETRACE Project, and MAGRABI

Contribution to the Community
With that success, and ambition to develop further, comes a parallel ambition to use our skills and resources in other ways to benefit the wider community. Vision believes businesses such as ours can make valuable contributions to alleviating social inequities and humanitarian crises.

The core aim of Vision is to develop entrepreneurial skills in those who never had the opportunity to learn and build successful businesses. Vision adapts as it encounters new challenges.

At Vision, we measure our progress in several ways, in how we perform as a company, in the contribution we make to our clients and in how Vision can make an impact on society.
Vision helps its clients introduce changes that take care of strategic concerns in tactical timescales. When we promise new programs, systems, and changes,
usually economic benefits begin to flow in less than six months and investments are returned within 12 to 18 months.